November 07-10, 2017
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Long Beach, California

ETI0021-60 series solar battery charger

Solar Charger and battery moduleTacticalSolar® Charger System
Part # ETI0021-6001
Currently in use by the US Customs & Border Protection Department

ETI's portable solar power solution:

  • Configurable for various output requirements, from 15-750 Watts
  • Up to 14 solar panel inputs
  • Built-in Charge Controller for regulated output power (12 or 24 VDC models) to run electronic equipment or charge external batteries
  • Can charge Lead Acid, Li-Ion, NiCad, NiMH & other types of rechargeable batteries.
  • Available with global charge & power adapters and cables
  • Can withstand harsh environments in its rugged water proof case
  • Includes external daisy-chainable battery modules rated for twelve hours of run time.
  • Provides power generation & storage capability.
  • Increased continuity of operation for variations in sunlight and/or night conditions.
  • Built into our tactical carry-on luggage cases w/ wheels & popup handles
  • Utilize charge controller case for storing solar panels and input cables. Extra cases available for additional storage.
    Solar Charger full configurationSolar Charger Connected to Panels









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