Portable Power Pack - 60 Watt ETI Part # ETI0021-2460

Tactical Solar® Panels

Portable Power Pack - 60 Watt
ETI Part # ETI0021-2460

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) offers Tactical Solar Panels to generate power for your mobile electric power and battery charging applications. Incorporating Solid State, Thin-Film, Solar Cells, these power packs provide an excellent choice for applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable, silent power.

Energy Technologies offers a range of solar-energized panels for your mobile power generation needs:

Product Specifications
Electrical Characteristics *
Product Number
Nominal System Voltage Rating
24 V
Nominal Rated Power (watts) at STC
Nominal Rated Voltage at MPP (VDC) at STC
Nominal Rated Current (amps)
Open Circuit Voltage (volts)
Short Circuit Current (amps)
Thermal Characterisitics
Power (% / C)
- 0.5
Voltage (% / C)
- 0.5
Cell Temperature Operating Range
-40° F to 176° F
-40° C to 80° C
Dimensions and Weight
Length, in (mm)
10.5 (257)
Width, in (mm)
8.5 (216)
Thickness, in (mm)
2.4 (61)
Length, in (mm)
44 (1118)
Width, in (mm)
21 (533)
Thickness, in (mm)
0.1 (2.5)
Weight, lb (kg)
4.8 (2.2)
Power to weight ratio: Watt/lb (watt/Kg)
12.5 (27.3)

* Data at Standard Test Conditions (STC)
STC: irradiance level 1000W / m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature 25° C

** Available in woodland & desert camoflage.

Solar Power   Desert Solar Cameo
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